Directorate vide letter No. 7-14/2011-SPB-II dated 9-3-2011 has circulated revised Pattern and Syllabus for Limited Department Competitive Examination for the post of IPs for filling up 66.66% vacancies in the Department. The examination will now be held without the aid of books. The date for holding of the Examination will be communicated separately by the DE Division. Revised Pattern and Syllabus is as under:

Existing Syllabus and Pattern
Revised Syllabus and Pattern
No. of Papers
Paper I – Postal Manual Vol. V, Postal Manual Vol. IV, Postal Manual Vol II, CCS (Conduct) Rules, Postal Manual Vol. III, MTT

Paper I –
(1)   Acts/Rules/ Guidelines Instructions relating to Inland & Foreign Posts, Mail Operations, Money Remittances, Savings Bank Schemes and Certificates Rural and Postal Life Insurance.
(2)     Organization of Department, Office Procedure and Material Management for optimum utilization of network, Establishment and Administrative Matters.
Paper II – Postal Manual Vol VIII, PO Guide Part I and II, Postal Manual Vol VI (Part I, II AND III) POSB Manual Vol. I & II Postal Manual Vol. VII
Paper II – CCS (Conduct) Rules, CCS (CCA) Rules, Accounts, FRs & SRs and FHBs.
Paper III – FHB Vol. I & II, FRs and SRs, CCS (Pension) Rules, CCS (Leave) rules, CCS (Joining Time ) Rules
Paper III  (1) Constitution of India
(2) Short title, extent, commencement and definitions of CPC & CrPC.
(i) CrPC: Proclamation for person absconding attachment of property of person absconding , claims and objections to attachments, release, sale and restoration of attached property.
(ii) Indian Evidence Act: Short title, extent and commencement
Of  the relevancy of the facts: Evidence may be given of facts in issue and relevant facts, relevancy of facts forming part of the same transaction, facts which are the occasion, cause or effect of facts in issue; motive, preparation and previous or subsequent conduct.
Facts which need not be proved:
Of oral evidence:
Of documentary evidence
(iii) Indian Penal Code: General Explanation:
Of Punishments
Of offences by or relating to public servants
Of contempts of the lawful authority of public servants
Of the criminal breach of contract of service
(3)     RTI Act and Consumer Protection Act
Paper IV – Indian Post Office Act., Government savings Bank and Certificate Acts, IPC, Evidence Act, Cr. PC, CAT, Consumer Protection Act
English Language General Knowledge & Reasoning/ Intelligence
Paper V – Essay, General Knowledge, Computer Basics and Intelligence Test.
Each paper carries 100 marks
Each paper will carry 300 marks
Duration for each paper is 3 hrs.
Duration of each paper would be 3 hrs.
No. of Questions
Subjective type Questions
150 Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) in each paper
Qualifying marks
40% marks in each paper subject to an overall average of 45% for general category and 33% marks in each apper subject to an overall average of 38% for SC/ST
No change
Assessment of APAR / ACR
Not included
The Competent Authority will ensure and certify the following before recommending the  application of the official for examination:
(i)      No disciplinary action is pending or contemplated against the applicant
(ii)    No punishment is current against the applicant
(iii)  No adverse entry in the APAR/ACR in the last five years.


Eligibility & conditions for Promotional Examination of Inspector of Posts

Eligibility & conditions for Promotional Examination of Inspector of Posts:
Scope of the work:
Eligibility Conditions:
He/She should be a permanent employee of the Department.
The candidate should Complete Minimum Five years in PA/SA cadre.
The Maximum Age limit for General Category is 40 years, for SC/ST 45 years.
The candidate should know to ride a bicycle.
The candidate should have satisfactory record of service.
The candidates can Avail Maximum Four chances for General category& six Chances for SC/ST.
The candidate should secure Minimum 45% Marks aggregate from all Papers& 40% Marks in any one paper.
Additional conditions for Surplus qualified candidates:
For the selection as a surplus candidate he/she should require to give a choice in the descending order of preference, covering all the 22 circles otherwise he/she will not be considered for the allotment.
The surplus qualified candidate should pass the language proficiency test for the state concerned, within the period of probation of two years, failing to this the candidate will be reverted to their substantive cadre.

(Without Aid of Books)
100 Marks
1.              P&T Manual Vol.V
2.              P&T Manual Vol.IV [Chapter-I & II (except Traffic and engineering options) III               to V, VIII, XII, XVI & XVII]
3.              P&T Manual Vol.II [Chapters II, IV (Rules 127 to 147 only) V and VI
4.              CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964
5.              Postal Manual Volume-III (Schedules-I-A, I-B, I-B(i), 4 and 7)
6.              Time Test by Shri R.V. Marathe
(Without Aid of Books)

(A) 60 Marks
1.              P&T Manual Vol.VIII (Whole except chapter-I)
2.              PO Guide Part-I and II
(B) 20              Marks
1.              Postal Manual Vol.VI (Part-I & II)
2.              POSB Manual Volume-I and II
(C) 20 Marks
              Postal Manual Volume-VII
(With Aid of Books)
1.              P&T Financial Hand Book Vol.I Chapter-II to VI and Chapter VIII to XIII and               Appendix-11
2.              Postal Financial Hand Book Vol.II ChapterII, IV and V
Note :- The appendices refered in the above chapters are also included in the               syllabus

3.              Fundamental Rules whole except rules 82, 94 to 100, 102 and 109 to 130
4.              Supplementary Rules whole including Appendices except rules 166 to 174, 242 to               266, 274 to 283 and 307 to 310
5.              CCS Pension Rules 1972, CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972, CCS (Joining Time) Rules,               1970
(With Aid of Books)
1.              Indian Post Office Act-1898
2.              The Government Saving Bank Act-1873 as amended by Govt. Saving Bank               (Amendment) Act-1959
3.              The Government Savings Certificate Act-1959
4.              The Indian Penal Code (Chapter-I,II,V,IX,XII to section 424 and XVIII to               Section-477-A)
5.              Indian Evidence Act
6.              The Code of Criminal Procedure (Chapter-I, V, VI, VII, XIV, XXII, XXIV, XXV,               XXXIX to XIII)
7.              Central Administrative Tribunal Act-1985
8.              Consumer Protection Act-1986

MARKS 100             

1.              Essay                                          ---              30 marks
2.              General Knowledge              ---              30 marks
3.              Computer Basics              ---              10 marks
4.              Intelligent Test              ---              30 marks
* The General knowledge section will cover History, Geography, culture and constitution.
Except following Books/Volumes, all the volumes/ books are available on website of India Post i.e.
Paper I
Vol.IV [Chapter-I & II (except Traffic and engineering options) V, VIII, XII,]
CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 #
Time Test by Shri R.V. Marathe (Establishment Norms published by PTC Mysore can be used)
Paper II
PO Guide Part- II
Postal Manual Vol.VI (Part-I & II)
Paper III
P&T Financial Hand Book Vol.I Chapter-II to VI and Chapter VIII to XIII and               Appendix-11
Fundamental Rules #
Supplementary Rules#
CCS Pension Rules 1972,#
CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972,#
CCS (Joining Time) Rules, 1970#
Paper IV
The Indian Penal Code (Chapter-I,II,V,IX,XII to section 424 and XVIII to Section-477-A)@
Indian Evidence Act@
The Code of Criminal Procedure (Chapter-I, V, VI, VII, XIV, XXII, XXIV, XXV, XXXIX to XIII)@
Central Administrative Tribunal Act-1985#
Consumer Protection Act-1986@
# Swamy and many other publications publish these books.
@ Standard law books can be used.
The selected candidate has to perform his duty in the concerned Unit of the department as a Sub divisional head, Platform Inspector, Complaints Inspector, Office Supervisor, IP Printing, IP uniform, IP Mail Motor Services, IP Court, and Investigation. IP (PMI), etc.


Paper-I:           Without Book

C.C.C, (Conduct) Rules 1964: 1 Q     ( All 22 rules
                                                                        Imp:- Rule- 3,5,7,10,13 A, 13 B 18,21,22)
C.C.S (CCA) Rules 1968:- 1-3 Q
Volume- V      :- 1-2 Q
M.T.T            :- 1 Q

Vol. II & Vol. IV        :- 1Q

Paper- II Without Book

Post Office Guide I :- 50 Marks (everything is important of this book)
P.O. Guide II        :-    10 Marks
Vol. VI (Part I,II, & III) :- 1 Q
Vol. VII                                  :- 20 Marks
SB/SC  & Premium Srvices :- 1-2 Q

Paper- III (Account Paper) with book

FR/SR     I,II,III, IV &V         
F.H.B Vol. I & II
Pension Compilation

Help Book:-
Leave rules made easy
Pay rules made easy
T.A rules made easy
Pension rules made easy

Paper IV (Law) With Book
1.      IPC, CRPC & IEA
2.      P.O ACT 1898
3.      CAT
5.      SB/SC ACT

Paper V Without Book

General Knowledge & General Awareness
Arithmetic & Reasoning
2 Essays ( Departmental & General)